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Welcome !
I mostly reblog illustrations and inspirational art sometimes I'll post some of my WIP cosplays (◡‿◡✿) I like Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Ghibli Studio movies, Avengers, and fantasy art.
My current obsession: Game of thrones and The walking Dead.

Cosplay in progress:
Sophie (Howl's Moving Castle)
Princess Sakuya (Okami)
Scout's Mom (Team Fortress 2) Finished!
Feel free to ask me any questions!

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The Rio Caño Cristales - most colorful river (caused by algae and moss seen through the water), Colombia.




Jeremy Scott with CL

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Screw it.

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Concept Art → Journey

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kyamerie kico


[kaine] by ono-mono

CGI Lightning through Lightning Returns. A special gift for cheramuu. Thank you for always being a true friend and being my dear Serah.

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